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Grupo Industrial LaLa Supports Global Expansion with Commitment to CPs Mirapoint Messaging Platform

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) September 06, 2013

Critical Path, Inc. (CP), a global leader in Messaging, Security, and Unified Communications, today announced that Grupo Industrial LaLa (GILSA) has made a significant commitment to CPs Mirapoint Messaging Platform as the organizations email and email security solution for their users across North America.

GILSA is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. Headquartered in Mexico, GILSA manufactures and distributes dairy products through a finely tuned supply chain across the North American continent. The last five years have seen GILSA embark on an international expansion program from its Mexican base. This began in 2008 with the purchase of its first US-based manufacturing plant in Omaha, Nebraska.

Acquiring new operations has required seamlessly integrating organizations and data into GILSA. To support that effort, GILSA assigned its Network and Architecture team to specify the requirements for a new communications system across the company. Working with local technology provider Virmar (, GILSA built the business case that formed the basis for investment.

Ing. Hector Curiel, TI-Technology Planning Manager at GILSA explains, My first challenge was to craft a strategy to transform the communication platform from a local departmental system to an international communications network. To achieve this, selecting a solid and reliable email partner was critical. We chose CP because its solution met our requirements of a standard, robust, reliable, and flexible email solution platform that supports Grupo LaLas growth in any country we have operations.

Mark Palomba, CPs CEO, shared, When Grupo LaLa began looking for a partner, they carefully built a business case based on several key elements including performance, reliability, high availability, mobile support, tight data security, support for future growth, email archiving, ease-of-use and more. CP is delighted they have chosen us to meet the needs of their business now, and as they expand internationally. CP is one of the largest providers of email solutions in the world, supporting over 225M accounts, and will continue to provide the high-quality email, security, and archiving services so relied upon by this leading company.

Mirapoint Message Server, RazorGate, and RazorSafe:

Message Server, RazorGate, and RazorSafe provide a solid foundation for a secure messaging infrastructure, providing a standards-based platform that intelligently serves, secures, manages, and archives messages with multi-mode client access and full malware protection. These appliance offerings deliver the best price-performance and the scalability to handle the most demanding email environments. For more information on Message Server, RazorGate, and RazorSafe, please visit


About Grupo Industrial LaLa

Founded in 1949 in La Laguna, Mexico, GRUPO LALA is one of the largest dairy companies in the world and the leading producer of milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and yogurt-based desserts in Mexico. The company owns 23 manufacturing facilities in Mexico, the U.S. and Central America, employing 30,000 people. LALAs distribution network, the largest in Latin America, comprises 160 distribution centers and 6,000 refrigerated routes, serving more than 550,000 customers every day. The companys portfolio of brands includes LALA

Zombies Unleashed on the Campus of East Tennessee State University October 26, 2013

Johnson City, TN (PRWEB) September 01, 2013

The ETSU & General Shale Natural History Museum and Visitors Center at the Gray Fossil Site is organizing campus-wide zombie events throughout the day. Proceeds from each event will benefit the museum and will help provide state-of-the-art exhibits and science education.

The main event, which will begin at 5:00 p.m., is a game of Zombie Tag, which is for participants 18 and up or with a valid college ID. The goal of Zombie Tag is to “survive” the game. “Human” participants attempt to reach six checkpoints on ETSUs main campus without getting tagged and turned into a “zombie.” Each player is required to wear a black shirt over a white shirt, which denotes “human.” As players are tagged, they must remove the black shirt, revealing their white shirt, which indicates “zombie.”

For those under 18, there will be “flag” Zombie Tag at noon for ages 11 and under. This will be held on the intramural field beside the Basler Center for Physical Activity. Each participant will receive a free childs and adults pass to the museum. There will also be face painting, a costume contest, inflatables, and more.

There will be a teens event at 2:00 p.m. for 12-17 year olds. The teen event will take place on the main campus, and will have rules identical to the main event.

Throughout the day, Zombie Tag players waiting to enter or having exited the playing field can visit a variety of booths including professional make-up artists, event merchandise, and event sponsors.

The events actually kickoff at 10:00am, with a Zombie themed 5k, co-hosted by the ETSU Department of Recreation. Runners and walkers are encouraged to dress up like zombies and travel through campus on a certified course. Prizes will be awarded for top runners as well as costume creativity.

“We are so excited to be planning an entire day of zombie activities,” said Dr. Blaine Schubert, museum director. “This is a unique way to use zombie culture to bring awareness to our Natural History Museum, paleontology.”

Tickets to the main event are available online at or at the gate, the price and registration for the Zombie 5k will be posted soon!

The ETSU Natural History Museum and Gray Fossil Site continually showcases the 5-million-year-old Gray Fossil Site and its unique ecosystem. Visitors are invited to observe live excavations in May through October, weather permitting. There are also many special events held at the Museum, such as a monthly Lecture Series, “Fossil & Artifact ID Nights” every other month, and many ongoing youth programs. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

The museum is located 1.8 miles off Exit 13 on Interstate 26. For more information, call (866) 202-6223 or visit the museum at

Casemachines Berlinetta for iPhone 5 Starts Shipping Worldwide following CTIA Appearance

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

The Berlinetta is one of the most elite designer cases from Casemachine to date. Using an all-aluminum body without letting the signal reception get affected was a challenge, said the companys president. We took all precautious measures to make sure that the antenna gate issues of the iPhone do not become a trouble while aluminum is wrapped around it. Our mechanical designing experts worked in teams to get the shape of the aluminum right. He added The component which doesnt let signals get affected is soft silicone the designers put silicone housing within that would not allow the case touch the phone at all!

The Casemachine Berlinetta case for Apple iPhone 5 comes with a screw-on assembly, requiring different parts to be screwed together for the tightest possible grab of the case on the phone. The screw-on assembly ensures that the phone doesnt face any scratches or scrapes had the all-aluminum case sported a slip-on nature.

Casemachine has provided an elegant protection case for the new iPhone 5 by designing the Berlinetta. Only the best CNC machined, billet aluminum is used to construct the bezel and the back frame. The silicone housing serves three purposes at the same time:


Old Town Bluffton Farmers Market – New Master Gardeners Workshops and more in Coastal South Carolina

Bluffton, SC (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

How many of us wait until we’re over age 50 to begin focusing on our health? Soon we discover being well includes eating well and in Bluffton South Carolina, the opportunity to eat nutritious and delectable food comes in the form of shopping at the Old Town Bluffton Farmers Market. The rainbow colored assortment of fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables excites the eyes and whets the appetite immediately. What’s new this year? Clemson University’s Master Gardeners workshops which teaches gardening tips, best planting practices, soil corrections, and much, much more.

Every Thursday, Bluffton, one of the best places to live in South Carolina, holds a Farmers Market in the heart of town on Calhoun Street. There is always something different to experience and bring back to your Bluffton home. There’s live music, cooking demonstations, Clemson University’s Extension’s Master Gardeners workshops, and of course, the local farmers showcasing their beautiful fresh-from-the-farm produce. Several local farm organizations present their luscious healthy produce and here’s more folks you can expect to find:

Located on a coastal island right in Bluffton, Bear Island Farms mission is to contribute to a healthy and prosperous community. They attend the market with high-quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown naturally and with sustainability in mind.

The Three Sisters Farm is a USDA certified organic grower. They come to market with their heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers. The sisters have been toiling with the land in one of the best places to live in South Carolina since they were young children and are now known for hand-harvesting their crops, which they choose based on taste and appearance rather than for more commercial reasons. Everything they bring tastes great and has a decent shelf life at the Old Town Bluffton Farmers Market.

The Shuler Peach Company is a family owned farm since 1954. They come to the market with fresh strawberries, peaches, and sweet corn. You probably wont be able to wait to get home before sampling the freshness.

Prepared foods are also available at the market. The Great Food Co-Op is a group that provides high quality food products to the market. They bring scrumptious relishes, jams, ciders, dried fruit, chocolate covered cherries, and Southern specialty foods to the market. Lowcountry Comfort offers mouth-watering cookies, modern whoopie pies, cakes, brownies, and more at the market. Their goodies do not have preservatives, hormones, or partially hydrogenated anything. You can find fresh, local seafood from the Bluffton Oyster Company, gumbo from We Island Gumbo n Tings, fresh crepes from Claudines Creperie & Curries, and much, much more.Theres something for everyone to bring back and enjoy in their Bluffton homes.

Different chefs from local restaurants demonstrate their techniques for preparing healthy, sumptuous dishes each week. In the outdoor market, they share not only their recipes, but they also educate visitors in the importance of buying from local farmers in order to create fresh, healthy, seasonal meals.

Also, for residents in one of the best places to live in South Carolina, the Master Gardener program is onsite to offer advice about the best planting practices, correcting soil issues, and general gardening tips. The program is sponsored by Clemson Universitys cooperative Extension Service.

Local bands and live music are always present at the market adding to the lively, festive ambience. The Old Town Bluffton Farmers Market, with its colorful produce, heavenly aromas, and the sprightly sounds of live music, is a feast for senses. Every Thursday, the farmers market is a great reason to leave your Bluffton home and meet up with your neighbors and fellow foodies for food and fellowship.

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Website: Offers 5-star Summer Hotels in Antalya

(PRWEB) July 20, 2013

For those who want to spend their holiday in one of the most popular summer resorts in Turkey, offers its monthly deals on 5-star hotels in Antalya. Special prices can be seen on the website of the company here:

Antalya is located alongside the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is very warm, especially during summer. People who prefer milder weather, generally visit Antalya in April or May. Antalya hotels can be also cheaper during this spring season. Most people visit Antalya for the sun and its beaches, the most popular beaches are Konyaalti Beach Park and Lara Beach. Those people also look for beach hotels in Antalya to be close to summer entertainment.

Kaleici is a popular destination for sightseeing. In Kaleici one can find many touristic and historical attractions including the Clock Tower, Hidirlik Tower, Hadrian’s Gate, Kesik Minare and Alaaddin Camii. There are also many museums within the city. Antalya Museum, Ataturk’s House Museum and Kaleici Museum are the popular landmarks of the city. The annual Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is also held every year and this event is the largest national film festival in Turkey. During the festival, there is a huge crowd of movie buffs to turn up at the Antalya Cultural Center.

Metin Altun, CEO of makes a speech about the companys monthly deals on hotels in Antalya Antalya is a very popular tourist destination of Turkey; especially Americans and Europeans choose cheap Antalya hotels for holiday. We have prepared a monthly deal for 5-star Antalya hotels with great deals. Our customers would be happy to see our special offers on our website.

Metin Altun mentions the two top five-star hotels they choose to make a discount. The first one is The Marmara Antalya Hotel. It is situated on the Falez Hills with Mediterranean views. The hotel has its own beach for its guests. The rooms are decorated in pastel colors and almost all of them are spacious. The second one is Alp Pasa Hotel. It is located in Antalya’s old town 100 meters from the Broken Minaret. The hotel has a private courtyard with a mosaic terrace and swimming pool. Restaurants of both of the hotels serve famous Turkish cuisine with some essences from the Ottoman Empire.


Being a branch of Met Global, is an international online travel company. People can find a selection of more than 20 languages and currencies on the website; besides over 250,000 hotels around the world.

Gate Automation

Automated Gates
In both residential and commercial sites, automated gates are becoming more and more popular. They not only increase security, they make it easier to monitor who goes in and out of a site or a home without having to walk all the way to the gate whenever there is a caller. You can find automated gates in three kinds of materials – iron, wood and aluminum, but for this article, we will focus on automatic iron gates.
How they work
Most automated gates work in one of two ways: they can use a swing system or they can use a sliding system. A swing system opens in much the way that you would open a gate yourself – it moves it away from the entrance to make way.
The control mechanism for a swing system automatic metal gate is found in the pillar that holds the gate, with the gate positioned right above it. The motion is triggered by remote control. Once the button is pressed, it sets off a series of lever movements that then move the gate open. The opposite of those motions will close the gate.
A sliding system works like a garage door – the gate folds into a roll when the button is pressed. It requires a foundation track that runs across the pillars, and then rollers in the foundation track. The motor is usually installed out of view behind the pillars for security reasons. Once the trigger is hit on the remote control device, a motion triggers the rollers which then pull the gate either in or out.
What you should take into account when shopping for automated metal gates
There are all sorts of gates in the market so shopping might not be all that easy. Here are some pointers that can guide you to the right gate for you.
•How you want to communicate
Do you want to use CCTV or voice to communicate with a visitor? If you do, prepare a place to mount your camera or buzzer that is convenient, like near the front door or near the reception desk.
•Automatic closing
There are gates that you ca set to close automatically after you get in and there are those that require a manual trigger. The automatic ones are obviously better in terms of convenience but they are a bit more expensive. They are however important when you have children and pets, to prevent them from wandering out of the compound. They also reduce the possibility of someone accidentally leaving the door open.
How much privacy do you need? This affects the kind of gate that you buy. There are some automated iron gates that can be programmed to let through only one car, like if someone lives alone. If there will be many different cars however, you need a gate that allows them all through as soon as a button is pushed.
The world of automated gates is full of different designs. You might have to take some time to look through what is available before you make a decision. The best thing to do is to either contact a gate manufacturing company for a catalogue or look at different designs online.
As with all things automated, you want a gate that is not too sensitive to the elements. Your gate takes a lot of beating from the weather, but you don’t want a model that is easily affected and that requires frequent repairs. Go for something that is known for being sturdy.
How fast do you want your gate to open? The average one takes about 2 seconds which is okay if you are not in a high risk area. If you live in a place that’s high risk, you might want a gate that opens fast and closes fast. Note that snow can affect the speed at which your gate opens because of its weight. If there is a snowfall, sweep off the snow before you open the gate.
Most maintenance for automated metal gates requires greasing and checking up on the motor and electrical parts. Choose a gate that does nit require maintenance very often.
Lastly, before you buy any automated iron gates, shop and compare prices. ADGates offer a wide range. The best gate is the one that has the features that you want and that is within your budget range, allowing of course for a little more or a little less.