Popular SEO techniques for start ups

People who succeed in SEO have expertise in doing two things quite well. Firstly, they can identify effective SEO techniques that would definite results. Second, they employ cent percent of their resources into scaling and executing those techniques. If you are wondering which SEO techniques can actually do the work for you, go through these solid techniques and try executing them.

Search for broken link building opportunities- Broken link building is a white hat SEO strategy that is scalable and a lot powerful. However, locating them can be a huge pain unless you know a little bit about Wikipedia’s editing system. Whenever Wiki editor stumbles upon a dead link, it doesn’t delete that link right away. Instead a footnote saying “dead link” is added next to it. You could use it to your advantage by re creating that dead resource on your website and replacing the dead link with yours in Wikipedia.

Find link prospects: If you have been in this SEO game for long, you must know that best link opportunities usually come from people who have shared similar or relevant content in past. You can make use of various popular bookmarking sites for finding people who have shared content within your niche industry.

Copy Adwords Ads for making killer titles as well as description tags: Description tags and compelling titles acquire more clicks in search engine result pages. But how could you possibly know what users want to click upon? Look at the keyword’s Adwords ads. Adwords Ads that you see while searching for competitive keywords are results of numerous split tests for maximizing clicks. You can use the elements from the ads for turning your description tags and titles into chick magnets.

Build a private blog network. Having your own network of authority blogs can be very rewarding. You have complete control over all of you back links. Building a PBN can be time consuming. Here is a guide on how to build a private blog network: http://doseoyourself.com/build-your-own-private-blog-network-the-right-way/

Be social- Lately, everyone realizes the power and potent of social networking sites. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to go. You not only get the benefit of spreading your message out but you also get immeasurable bonus of acquiring more unique links to your site which is great for boosting your website ranking. Identify people with whom you would like to connect and build your relationships naturally with them.

Focus on content creation- Publishing regular content on your site increases the variety and number of keywords. By enhancing keyword exposure, you may earn yourself free traffic through natural search phrases that you never targeted on your site even. Secondly, posting valuable and informative content is an excellent way of building relationships with your customers and prospects. Since the time on site and bounce rates play essential roles in search engine algorithms, your relationship quality with them could actually improve your rankings in SERPs.

Try Guest posting- Guest posting is an important link building technique. As guest author, you can provide blog posts in exchange for back links to your site. When that is done, you can receive highly relevant, high quality back links that would substantially increase your search engine rankings in natural search results as well as increase the amount of traffic that flows to your website.