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Clio Opens Toronto Office to Serve the $250B North American Legal Industry and Bring its Legal Practice Management Tools to Firms in Central and Eastern North America

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Themis Solutions Inc., makers of Clio, the leading cloud-based practice management platform for the legal industry, today announced the opening of a Toronto office to establish a presence in the all-important legal region that covers eastern Canada and the US.

A presence in Toronto enhances Clios ability to expand its customer base and customer service for the eastern seaboard and Europe. The opening of the office builds on Clios 2013 growth which includes celebrating its fifth anniversary in October, launching the wildly successful first annual Clio Cloud Conference in September, and expanding into Europe with a new office in Dublin.

Its been a tremendous year of growth for Clio, and its the right time to open an office to facilitate even more rapid expansion in the east. Clios Toronto office will help deliver improved service to our large base of eastern customers, said Clio CEO and co-founder Jack Newton, adding Toronto has a phenomenal talent base that well be able to draw upon as we double our team size from 100 to 200 staff over the course of 2014. Steven Silberbach, who recently joined us as Vice President of Global Sales, will champion the process of building our Toronto presence.

Silberbach joined Clio from Salesforce.com and is known for his expertise in scaling sales teams. With an office in the heart of the start-up community in downtown Toronto, recruitment is actively underway to staff up the sales organization to service

New Website Focuses on All Things Native American Navajo Jewelry

(PRWEB) August 17, 2013

The Native American Navajo Indians are world renowned for their excellent jewelry pieces. The jewelry is in high demand on the international level due to their unique craftsman ship and deep rooted belief history. Men and women can find an array of designs to complement their style and looks.

Now, a new website has been launched to honor the timeless tradition associated with Native American Navajo jewelry.

Archeologists have found several Native American jewelry pieces containing turquoise dating back to 200 A.D., said NativeAmericanNavajoJewelry.com spokesperson Michael Fortson. After the art of silversmiths was taught to the Navajo people in the nineteenth century, the Navajos jewelry became a treasured piece of art throughout history and still today.

Native American Navajo jewelry consists of silver rings, squash necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, concho or concha belts, buckles, bracers, tobacco flasks, hair ornaments, pins, bolos, canteens and crosses. Turquoise and sterling silver were not combined together until the late 1800s.

Turquoise gemstones are the most popular stones found in Navajo jewelry, says Fortson. Modern day Navajo jewelry also contains things like copper, iron, steel, beads and gold.

There are three designs of jewelry that are handcrafted by the Navajo Indians. This would include the inlay of gemstones into the silver pieces, hammering the silver where it is then multifaceted and the earliest method of setting gemstones was the bezel setting that was a grooved rim that held the gemstone in its position and then became soldered into place.

The Native American Navajo jewelrys most popular style is the squash blossom necklace that resembles a squash flower, says Fortson. These silver pieces of jewelry created by the Navajo Indians are unique and genuine pieces of art that have been either been passed down from generations of tribe members or sold for money on the tourist or trade market.

For more information about the Native American Navajo jewelry history and making, visit NativeAmericanNavajoJewelry.com.

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