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IntelliLeash Products, Inc. Is Saving Dogs From Shock Collars; Take Painless Action to Help

(PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Dogs deserve better treatment than wearing painful, and potentially injury causing shock collars. Generically referred to as invisible fences, even with the infliction of a painful shock, these systems cant guarantee a dog will remain within the boundary. After nearly 4 decades of no major innovation in dog boundary systems, the patented IntelliLeash System is poised to provide dog owners a safe, effective, and economical solution.

The patented IntelliLeash System is radically different than any boundary system on the market today. Unlike invisible fences, the IntelliLeash System uses a retractable tether and smart technology to provide a tangle free, escape proof boundary. It is so effective that even a yard with a patio with furniture and surrounded by bushes, a dogs boundary can include much of the patio, a large portion of the back yard, and a single pathway between two select bushes. It is impossible for the dog to get tangled in the patio furniture or the bushes. Click here to see an animation of how the IntelliLeash System works.

While the product has been released to the market, several challenges remain ahead for IntelliLeash Products, Inc.. Dog owners should be aware that they have the opportunity to participate in saving dogs from shock collars by visiting the Indiegogo fund raising site and support this project in overcoming the remaining challenges.

One key challenge is to expand the range of dogs the system can handle. Currently the system works for medium sized dogs 20 50 pounds. Soon to be released is a light duty version for dogs in the 5 25 pound range. IntelliLeash Products, Inc. envisions handling dogs from 5-100 pounds, mounted in turf, wood or resin decks, concrete, or even in sand. President Bob Yackley hints at additional high tech features to be added in the future.

The other key challenge for the company is getting the word out. This is a product that consumers dont know exists. And it must be known to them at the right time, typically when they are experiencing problems with their current product or when they first acquire their pet. The fund raising campaign is a means for dog lovers to get involved in saving millions of dogs from painful shock collars.

IntelliLeash Products, Inc. is also partnering with rescue centers like Best Friends Animal Society. The mutually beneficial arrangement allows Best Friends to offer an alternative boundary solution to adoptive dog parents. In return, IntelliLeash Products, Inc. donates a portion of the sales to Best Friends to help them with their mission of rescuing dogs. Its a win win relationship. We want to be responsible and give back to these wonderful organizations, such as Best Friends, that are doing so much to promote the humane treatment of dogs, states Bob Yackley.

The IntelliLeash System is sold exclusively through their website http://www.intellileash.com Much more information is available on the website.

Dog lovers are encouraged to support this project by going to their Indiegogo site and either purchase a valuable discount coupon or simply to support the project with small financial support.

Supporting IntelliLeash Products, Inc. promotes the humane treatment of dogs.

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