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To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Year, Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, Author of Evolutionary Eating, Says Control How Often You Eat and Just Say No to Holiday Snacks

Amarillo, Texas (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Holiday weight gain is so easy. Food is everywhere. And it all looks so good. Its no wonder that we end up packing on the pounds in December, only to despair come January. According to Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, author of Evolutionary Eating, a new book by Praeclarus Press, what people eat may not be as important as when they eat it. One way to avoid packing on the pounds is to avoid snacks.

Dr. Nesbitt explains that at no time in human history has snacking been a normal behavior. Humans are not grazing animals. Our digestive and endocrine (hormone) systems are designed to have food-free intervals. Humans are designed to eat a meal, stop eating, and eat another meal sometime in the future.

The change from becoming meal eater to snackers has had a lot to do with the environment. Human beings’ hormones and nervous system are optimized to be highly motivated to seek out and eat food when it is available. That was the only way for the species to survive and thrive.

Until recently, snacking wasnt really an option. Food was relatively scarce, and often required preparation before eating. In todays environment, there are 24/7s on every street corner, vending machines in every building, and pantries that can store many years worth of food. The Holiday Season is the “normal” American food environmenton steroids.

Human brains signal us to eat, and the culture no longer says no; it is socially acceptable to eat anytime and anywhere. The combination of abundant food and no social boundaries means that many Americans are eating all the time.

Some of the most fat-resistant cultures are also the most culturally snack-resistant. The French dont even have a word for snackthey call it le snack. In fact, they have government-mandated anti-snacking culture that they resurrect when their toddlers start getting too heavy.

The data are clearwhether speaking about America, or anywhere else in the world, the single most important predictor of weight gain isnt how much human eat, but how often they eat. To avoid gaining the Holiday-10 this year, just say no” to snackingor at least save it for a very special occasion.

Dr. Theresa Nesbitt is the author of Evolutionary Eating. She is an obstetrician/gynecologist in the Chicago area and a wellness counselor. She has helped thousands of clients stop dieting, enjoy eating real foods, and reclaim their health.

Praeclarus Press is a small press specializing in womens health located in Amarillo, Texas. It features books, webinars, and other matierals that support womens health throughout the lifespan, and is owned by health psychologist, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett.

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Bike Commuters to University of Chicago Medical Campus Gain Security with New Sentry Shelter by Duo-Gard

Canton, Michigan (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

Bike commuters to the University of Chicago Medical campus can now wheel into its first covered, enclosed shelter specifically for employees. The new bike shelter was designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by Duo-Gard Industries Inc. in Canton MI, a leading innovator in outdoor structures.

Located in an enclosed, low-profile courtyard on the academic medical centers Hyde Park campus, the 16-ft.-wide by 24-ft.-long shelter is Duo-Gards Sentry model from its standard line. This one features a bronze metal, barrel-vault roof and glass walls; an open front doorway provides ventilation. Equipped with inverted-U parking racks, the structure holds up to 28 bikes. The fenced courtyards iron gate requires a swipe from the employees ID badge for entry.

We have a number of employees who regularly bike to work. Safety and security for them and their expensive bikes was a major factor, said Dave Hicks, UCMs Vice-President of Pharmacy and Laboratory Services. We needed some place secure, protected from the regions wind and snow, and readily accessible.

Response has been quite positive, Hicks said, with some 15 to 20 bikers a day taking advantage of the shelter. Hicks is one of them. Four days out of five, he bikes the 10 miles from his home in downtown Chicago to the Hyde Park location. He added that, as a user, he appreciates the open air flow and glass panels, plus the concrete floor and its good drainage. And, he said, bikers dont like carrying their locks around, so the shelters rafters provide a convenient place to clip them.

Bicycling is no longer relegated to recreation in parks and off-road environments. Commuting to work on bikes is a growing trend. The League of American Bicyclists cites a U.S. Census Bureau survey that shows a whopping 80 percent increase in bike commuting from 2000 to 2011 in large, bike-friendly cities. Combining increasing concern for the environment, as well as employee well-being, this form of alternative transportation is gaining growing respect.

Employers are encouraging this with accommodation that includes covered, enclosed bike shelters that provide both protection from the weather and security for bike and rider. Companies want to make it safe and easy for employees to bike to work, said Michael Arvidson, Duo-Gards Executive Vice-President. Our shelters help them accomplish this goal, and were on the front lines of sustainable, LEED-compatible design.

He said a major topic at the 2013 National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. was the fact that the younger generation coming into the work force is moving closer to the job, and many are committed to the environmental advantages of alternative transportation.

The shelter helped us achieve exactly what everyone was looking for, said Dave Hicks.

About Duo-Gard Industries Inc.:

Duo-Gard Industries Inc. is a leading innovator in special-purpose shelters, high-performance translucent daylighting systems and architectural illumination, as well as custom canopies including solar photovoltaics and outdoor structures. For over 29 years, Duo-Gard has advanced translucent technology with design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom architectural products that enhance sustainability. Duo-Gard was established in 1984 and is based in Canton MI. The company was honored in May 2012 as one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch in 2012. For additional information, please visit http://www.duo-gard.com.

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