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AltusGroup adds two established precasters including first in Canada to growing partnership of innovative companies

Bethlehem, Pa. (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Strescon Limited and Rocky Mountain Prestress have joined AltusGroup (altusprecast.com) to market CarbonCast Enclosure Systems in their respective market areas. Strescon is the first Canadian precaster to join AltusGroups ranks. The additions bring the total number of precasters in the organization to 16.

Both precasters will offer CarbonCast High Performance Wall Panels and CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding to complement their existing structural and architectural precast wall products. Both CarbonCast products use C-GRID carbon fiber grid as a shear connector to provide outstanding thermal efficiency and full composite action while maintaining the remarkable aesthetic flexibility of precast concrete.

Adding two established, high-quality companies demonstrates the continuing acceptance of CarbonCast technology among precasters and the entire building team, said John Carson, executive director of AltusGroup. We see significant potential in Canada a strong precast market where thermally efficient walls can lower energy costs. And the addition of Rocky Mountain Prestress will increase the availability of CarbonCast products and specification sales in the Midwest and Mountain States. As the construction industry rebounds, AltusGroup is well positioned with a superior technology and an expanding group of dedicated well recognized producers.

For over 50 years, Strescon (http://www.oscoconstructiongroup.com/precast.aspx) has designed, manufactured and installed prestressed/precast architectural, structural and environmental concrete products for the Canadian and American market from its two modern production facilities in Saint John, N.B. and Halifax, N.S. It offers a complete range of precast concrete solutions that include: architectural and insulated wall enclosure panels; hollow core floor and roofing; parking garages; bridge girders, piling and deck slabs for transportation and marine structures; structural framing systems for heavy industrial buildings; arena and stadium components; and, environmental treatment facilities, pipe, manholes, box culverts and tanks. The company uses Tekla 3D modeling software to aid customers in the virtualization of their projects and to facilitate the use of BIM with the design & construction community. Strescon also operates a New England Sales office in Burlington, Mass.

Since 1958, Rocky Mountain Prestress (rmpprestress.com) has been a force in the evolution of prestressed and precast concrete structures from its Denver facilities. Rocky Mountain Prestress has become well-known industry-wide for numerous and innovative applications and precast processes. The company specializes in large core & shell commercial projects and their products include high end architectural pieces including architectural load bearing and insulated wall enclosure panels; architectural cladding; precast structural framing systems including their patented thin profile residential system; arena & stadium components, as well as precast core wall systems. Rocky Mountain Prestress also utilizes Tekla 3D modeling software, 3D AutoCad & Revit when required. Rocky Mountain Prestress provides preconstruction, engineering, manufacturing, hauling and erection services.

AltusGroup precast concrete manufacturers have installed more than 28 million square feet of CarbonCast wall and deck area on over 700 structures since introducing the technology in 2004.

About AltusGroup

The first-ever national partnership of precast companies, AltusGroup was founded in 2003 to develop, manufacture and market precast innovations such as the award-winning CarbonCast

Growing Interest in the Physics of Nanostructures to Drive Demand for Thin Films, According to a Soon to be Released Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Follow us on LinkedIn GIA invites senior industry executives, domain experts, technologists and market strategists to participate in a comprehensive global research initiative studying the Thin Films markets. The study will examine key drivers and trends impacting the market such as growing interest in understanding atomistic properties of materials to discover newer ways to improve material performance; developments in thin film deposition technologies; innovation in material synthesis, processing, and computation; ever increasing performance requirements of optoelectronic components, semiconductor circuits, electric contacts, and coatings and the ensuing increased focus on advanced material research and nanotechnology; and expanding application areas such as in photovoltaics.

Defined as microscopic layers of material deposited onto metal, ceramic or plastic substrates, Thin Films are expected to witness strong demand in the integrated circuit industry. A technologically effervescent area of physics, thin films represents a branch of material science that marks the convergence of physics, electronic engineering, material science and metallurgy. Measuring less than one micron thick, thin films play an important role in the development of next generation semiconductor devices. Key application areas of thin films include communication, coating, microelectronics, optical electronics, and renewable energy generation systems, among others. The market is expected to benefit from the ever growing demand for smaller, miniaturized electronic devices with energy efficient high-speed computing performance. In this regard, thin film materials with new elemental composition, superconductivity, superior mechanical and dielectric strength, are poised to score the highest gains.

The growing focus on renewable energy against a backdrop of depleting fossil fuels and global warming, is forecast to drive demand for thin-film solar cell (TFSC), in turn benefitting the market for thin films. The continuous need to enhance the performance of medical devices will additionally generate demand for thin film coatings for medical equipment. The market is also forecast to witness the evolution of the new concept of growing thin films onto substrates as against the conventional deposition techniques. The trend of growing thin films is forecast to open up new growth avenues. Research is currently underway to explore methods to grow thin films of germanium crystals, the fruition of which can result in thin films replacing silicon in semiconductors. In the medium term however, growth in the market will largely benefit from advancements in deposition processes, improvements in surface characterization, and developments in nanomaterials, optical materials, organic thin films, magnetic thin films, and nano-metal oxide thin films, among others.

The study estimates Thin Films to be a multi-million dollar market worldwide, while more precise market-size and growth projections for a 14-year period will be made available during the 2nd stage of report preparation, and data analysis.

The research and analyses will be released shortly in the form of a comprehensive research report. The report by design, will attempt to provide exhaustive analysis, data, trends, market share, market size, statistics, forecasts and competitive intelligence. The report is modeled to offer precise and unbiased, actionable market insights including in-depth segmentation of market sub-sectors, demand estimates and projections and analysis of trends in each of the sectors, identification of leading players, and the competitive structure, among others.

Developed for Chip Designers, Fabricators, Manufacturers, Strategic Planners, Business Development Executives, Management Consultants, Investment Bankers, Consulting Firms, Marketing & Sales Executives, C-Level Decision Makers, Market Strategists and Technology Domain Experts, the report helps identify the biggest opportunities in this space and offers accurate latent demand forecasting that empowers quantitative decision making among existing market players and new entrants.

For more details about how you can participate, please click here

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest and reputed market research firms.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Telephone: 408-528-9966

Fax: 408-528-9977

Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)com

Web Site: http://www.StrategyR.com/


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Lyness Construction Recognized as the Fastest Growing Aggie-led Company at the 9th Annual Aggie 100 Event

Cleburne, Texas (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

In 1989, Tim Lyness founded Lyness Construction with $ 400 dollars and a prayer. Today, the company is a full service general contracting and construction management firm based in Cleburne, Texas. The 9th Annual Aggie 100 Event hosted nearly 700 attendees at a luncheon held at The Zone Club at Kyle Field on Friday, October 25, where Lyness Construction was recognized for the outstanding honor.

This award is special to us to be recognized among our peers, said Tim Lyness, founder and CEO. I am humbled that Lyness Construction is recognized among this group of Aggie-led businesses. Persistence, consistency, and responsibility have paid dividends over the past 25 years.

Since its foundation, the entire Lyness family has worked for the firm in some capacity. With a strong commitment to community, family, and faith, Lyness Construction now has more than 80 employees across five states. The company relies on one differentiating factor: empower the team to be stronger collectively than they are individually. It is through this commitment to the corporate culture that the firm has found success during difficult economic times. To be recognized as the fastest growing Aggie-led company, Lyness achieved 261.08 percent compound annual growth from 2010 2012.

Our Aggie 100 honorees demonstrate that the character and traditions developed at our great university continue to play a significant role in their success across industries and generations, said Dr. Richard Lester, Executive Director of the Mays Business Schools Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship. Aggie leaders have proven time and time again that no matter the situation, solid business ideas, strong character, tenacity, and hard work pay off.

About Lyness Construction

Lyness Construction, LP is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and industrial construction. The companys project delivery is focused on creating an intelligent and efficient solution during all phases of industrial and commercial construction projects. Working with architects, engineers, manufacturing owners, local governments and school boards, Lyness Construction is committed to providing reliable, quality construction services, every time.

To learn more about Lyness Construction please visit, http://www.lynessconstruction.com/.

About the Aggie 100

The Aggie 100, the first of its kind at the college level, was created by the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship in Texas A&M Universitys Mays Business School, whose mission is to provide encouragement, education, networking and assistance to entrepreneurially-minded students, faculty and Texas businesses. The Aggie 100 is a unique way for Texas A&M University to demonstrate its pride in the accomplishments of its former students while enriching the educational experience for todays students.

While there are many ways to define business success, the Aggie 100 focuses on growth as an indicator of job creation, product acceptance, and entrepreneurial vision. The Aggie 100 identifies, recognizes, and celebrates the 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned or Aggie-led businesses in the world.

To qualify, companies were required to meet the following criteria:

In business for 5 years or more as of June 30, 2013,
Verifiable revenues of $ 250,000 or more for calendar year 2010, and
Operations consistent with the Aggie Code of Honor.

Additionally, the company must meet one of the following leadership criteria:

A Texas A&M University former student or group of former students must have owned 50% or more of the company from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012,
A Texas A&M University former student must have served as the companys chief executive (for example chairman, CEO, president or managing partner) from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012, or
A Texas A&M University former student must have founded the company and been active as a member of its most senior management team from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012.

About The Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

The Texas A&M Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship provides encouragement, education, networking, and assistance to entrepreneurially-minded students, faculty, and Texas businesses. Founded in 1999, the Center is part of Mays Business School’s Department of Management. The Center enhances student education through campus speakers, competitions, work experiences, and financial support. The Texas A&M faculty and Office of Technology Commercialization also benefit from the Center’s educational programs, extensive business community network, and the entrepreneurial services.

The Center reaches the state’s business community through educational programs, business assistance, and access to University resources. The Center receives financial support from corporations, individuals, and sponsors who believe in the value of entrepreneurial education and the value of Texas businesses working with a world-class university.

The entire 2013 Aggie 100 list in its entirety can be viewed at http://www.aggie100.com.

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