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Handmade Wooden Cremation Urns for Pets and Human Ashes Now Available Exclusively from Mood Wood

Franksville, WS (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Mood Wood, handcrafters of elegant wooden cremation urns, is now helping pet owners preserve the memories of their lost animals with a series of six artistic, heirloom quality pet cremation urns. Mood Woods pet memorial urns are handcrafted from individually matched, highest quality cheery wood that produces a lasting tribute to a beloved pet that can be proudly and tastefully displayed in room of the owners home.

Bruce and Lucinda Kiefer, owners of Mood Wood, have been manufacturing the finest quality, hand crafted, wooden cremation urns for more than a quarter century, and have great empathy for those who have sought to honor the memory of family members and loved ones. During the course of the years, they have come to recognize the need for pet cremation urns to provide lasting resting places for pets as well as humans, and they have expanded their services to meet the calling needs of those who have lost cherished pets. The Kiefers have operated their family-owned business in southwest Wisconsin for more than 25 years. They started out designing and handcrafting high quality solid wood office furniture in 1984 and later found a calling to create cherry wood cremation urns, which have been described as heirloom quality, handcrafted with integrity and a commitment to producing the finest wood urns.

Mood Wood respects the impact pets can have upon their owners and has thoughtfully designed its pet product line to include six stylish models of wooden memorial pet cremation urns for the ash remains of pets. Just as with its selection of human cremation urns, Mood Woods pet urns are constructed with care from the finest select grade cherry (no veneer) that is individually and meticulously chosen and matched for complementing wood grain and color. Each Mood Wood pet urn is built with precision dovetailed joinery and coated with a deep hand-rubbed finish.

For over 25 years the craftsmen at Mood Wood have been creating one-of-a-kind wood products, so pet owners, pet breeders, and all animal lovers can now also be confident in our expertise and the quality of their purchase, notes Bruce Kiefer Every detail of each handcrafted pet urn is designed and constructed by experienced craftsmen, all of the way down to the metal furnishings.

Mood Woods products are set apart from others the care and artistry of all of the hand cast fine pewter that adorns each wooden cremation urn, which is created by the companys caring crew of craftsmen. They sculpt the first pieces in clay, and then build a master mold that is used to produce the first metal parts. Next they construct a production mold. The custom-made pewter is produced and the flashing must be trimmed, with each piece filed by hand. Then the metal is oxidized. The next process is to tumble the parts in a medium of crushed walnut shells. The final step is applying a clear satin finish to each casting, to prevent tarnishing of the metal that enhances the pet cremation urns. Touches such as these are typical of the care and attention to detail that goes into every Mood Wood product.

Another unique feature of Mood Woods pet cremation urns is their special, highest quality closure system. Unlike most mass-produced wooden urns on the market, Mood Woods handcrafted memorials feature a unique locking mechanism known as a Spanish windlass. This closure system has been utilized for centuries and is able to apply thousands of pounds of force, ensuring continued integrity of the seal through the ages.

Mood Woods craftsmen painstakingly handpick every material for each detail of a pet urn, from the wood to the finish, Kiefer explains. This allows us to guarantee the quality of all of our products. Our wooden pet urns are constructed of only top-quality materials and have a hand rubbed finish.

Kiefer insists that his company maintains a tradition that reflects the pride early American craftsmen took in the quality of their work. Today, many cremation urns are cheap things made only to sell, Kiefer points out. They are mass produced in foreign countries, delivered by the container load. We at Mood Wood prefer the business model of days gone by: Using the skills acquired through a lifetime of diligent work, and the highest quality materials, to produce handcrafted solid wood urns. Our goal is to create a cremation urn in an artistry that reflects your most treasured memories. Our goal is that the completed cremation urn be a work of art.

In addition to its affordable prices, Mood Wood customers also are extended free shipping within the continental United States for all pet cremation urns, which can be ordered through its website, http://www.moodwood.com. Mood Wood welcomes personal phone inquiries and offers consultation on the selection of pet cremation urns at (866) 248-7568. Inquiries by fax can be made at (888) 893-9137.

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