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Fun & Unique New No-Cost App Memento: I Know this Place from Fancy Pixel S.r.l. Lets Users Share a Pic, Guess the Location, Earn Points, Win Tickets & Collect Stamps

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2014

People who love taking pictures on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can now add a whole new world of fun, excitement and competition to their lives by downloading the unique new no-cost app Memento: I Know this Place from developer Fancy Pixel S.r.l.

With Memento: I Know this Place, users upload their favorite geotagged pictures whether its of a place, landmark, scene or anything else that they wish and then invite other users to try and guess where it was taken. Those who guess correctly earn points and climb the Game Center rankings. They also earn Memento Tickets, which can be saved and used to get hints on future pictures.

Other Memento: I Know this Place special features include the ability to:

> Take a picture directly from the app or upload a photo from their devices camera roll

> Create a custom profile that features an avatar or a headshot, and browse through the profiles of other users

> Comment and like pictures to encourage or congratulate other users who guess correctly

> Earn cool Memento Stamps for performing various tasks, such as uploading ones first picture, chatting and socializing with other users, and several more

> Enable or disable sounds based on where they are (e.g. on a flight, in a library, and so on)

> Tag pictures as Private so that theyre only visible to friends, or make them Public so that all users can view and guess

With Memento: I Know this Place, users can prove that theyre a savvy world traveler and really put their memory and sleuthing skills to the test, commented Andrea Mazzini of Fancy Pixel S.r.l. Its a great way to connect with others, have fun, and maybe even get inspired to hop in the car, bus, train or plane and see some wonderful new sights in up close and in person.

Memento: I Know this Place, the fun and unique new no-cost app that lets users share a pic, guess the location, earn points, win tickets, and collect stamps, is available now in the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/memento-i-know-this-place/id698153906. The app requires iOS7.

Additional app information, including screenshots, is available at: http://memento.fancypixel.it/.

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Fancy Pixel S.r.l at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

About Fancy Pixel S.r.l

Fancy Pixel is a startup founded in October 2013, and we are four young Italian engineers that worked together in a research lab of the University of Ferrara.

During this period we formed a strong friendship, and given our passion for new technologies we decided to found our own startup.

We specialize in designing and developing mobile app for iOS and Android and web apps with Rails. We also have a lot of experience in embedded systems and everything that revolves around the Internet of Things.

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FC Gas Intelligence: Lynx Operating Co. Joins the Natural Gas Fueling Debate Taking Place in Houston

(PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Lynx Operating Co., an operator in Texas and New Mexico, is one of the latest companies to actively engage with the immense opportunity that natural gas offers to high horse power applications. Lynx join LNG Merchants, Plum Energy Group, GP Strategies and more industry pioneers supplying natural gas in North America. As a supplier, Lynx Operating Co. have defined their strategy to secure the business of the E&P industry with natural gas fuel. Lynx Operating Co. will discuss their business model alongside other Small-Midscale LNG Supply companies at the LNG Supply segment of the Natural Gas for Off Road Event (June, Houston).

The natural gas boom in North America is now well underway and the traction this market has received in the past two years is validation that natural gas is now a serious competitor to diesel for fueling. The key issue for supply companies thus far has been how best to ride the natural gas boom and monetize the business opportunity it presents. Dale Lewis of CSX Transportation stated, The liquefaction plant network is critical. Getting the right sized plants, at the right distance from their customer locations, can have a significant value for both the producers and consumers of LNG. Supply companies have faced the challenge of where best to place their LNG supply business in order to best capitalize as the boom unfolds. Peter Tumminello of AGL Resources described the natural gas supply landscape in North America The challenge has been the pace of market adaption, for significant markets to make the conversion, to go from a liquid fuel to LNG. He added that AGL have been visiting many of the marine markets, rail markets, trucking markets, drilling rig markets and other ancillary markets to work with them on how we can help to adapt to changing fuels.

The Natural Gas for Off Road Event (17+18 June, Houston) responds to this opportunity by offering a meeting place for end users and the supply to chain, to utilize the natural gas opportunity and learn from industry leaders. Lynx Operating Co. will give key insight into their placing decisions alongside leading suppliers such as Stabilis, Applied Natural Gas Fuels, AGL Resources and many more. In addition to leading Small-Midscale Suppliers, the leading industry pioneers from the E&P, Mining, Marine and Rail will also be speaking to share their experience of natural gas as a fuel. Natural Gas sector head Oliver Saunders promises the event to be a one stop shop for all those interested in the natural gas potential for high horse power applications.

The conference is organized by the reputable FC Gas Intelligence, who are well known in the North American natural gas market event space. To see how you could get involved visit the event webpage: http://www.offroadnaturalgas.com/

Or get in touch with the event director Emily Rose erose(at)fc-gi(dot)com.

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