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Sharing and Caring About What Happens in Aptos

Aptos, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2014

A group of Aptos residents have worked to create a new online publication for people who live, work, or play in the coastal California town of Aptos. The online resource is known as AptosCommunityNews.org, and the site has quickly become the most popular source for news about Aptos, California.

Aptos feels like a small town, but theres a lot going on here, relates Sebastian Frey, a member of the Aptos Chamber of Commerce and one of the sites founders. Mr. Frey continued, Its spread out geographically, from the beaches, to the farmland and to the mountains, and there are all kinds of nice activities that a lot of people just dont know about, because they arent well-publicized. The new web site will help people discover more about their town.

The web site features a community calendar, breaking news of interest specifically to the Aptos community, and a host of information regarding the various neighborhoods, events, restaurants, schools, shopping, and recreation/leisure opportunities that the area offers.

In particular, the site is dedicated to tracking a number of projects which are underway that will affect the quality of life for Aptos residents. These projects include, but are not limited to, the Aptos Village redevelopment, the expansion of the Rancho del Mar shopping center, the widening of California Highway 1, and the Santa Cruz Rail Trail, among others.

According to Mr. Frey, Aptos has a timeless quality about it, which is something that residents and visitors alike really treasure. But the pace of change is accelerating, and the Aptos of the near future may be much different than its recent past. We hope the web site will serve to get more people involved in shaping the changes which are coming, so together we can create a better community that really works for all the stakeholders.

Interested parties are invited to use the web site, join, and participate at http://AptosCommunityNews.org.

About AptosCommunityNews.org

Launched in November 2013, the web site was developed using WordPress, allowing it to be quickly deployed and easily updated and modified. The site utilizes information from around the web, curating news, opinion, video, photos, Yelp reviews, Twitter messages, and much more to provide the most extensive collection of what’s new in Aptos.

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