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National Association of Professional Women Announces Letticia Ponce, International Operations Manager of Konica Minolta, as a VIP Woman of the Year

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

NAPW honors Letticia Ponce, Internal Operations Manager of Konica Minolta Medical Imaging as a 2013/2014 Professional Woman of the Year for leadership in business management with this prestigious distinction. As the largest, most-recognized organization of women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, the National Association of Professional Women is a powerfully vibrant networking community with nearly 600,000 members and over 400 Local Chapters.

During her career with Konica, Ms. Ponce gained valuable knowledge about different cultures while working in the international arena. She has been Konicas Internal Operations Manager for nine years and has made countless personal and business relationships that will last a lifetime.

To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Year, Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, Author of Evolutionary Eating, Says Control How Often You Eat and Just Say No to Holiday Snacks

Amarillo, Texas (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Holiday weight gain is so easy. Food is everywhere. And it all looks so good. Its no wonder that we end up packing on the pounds in December, only to despair come January. According to Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, author of Evolutionary Eating, a new book by Praeclarus Press, what people eat may not be as important as when they eat it. One way to avoid packing on the pounds is to avoid snacks.

Dr. Nesbitt explains that at no time in human history has snacking been a normal behavior. Humans are not grazing animals. Our digestive and endocrine (hormone) systems are designed to have food-free intervals. Humans are designed to eat a meal, stop eating, and eat another meal sometime in the future.

The change from becoming meal eater to snackers has had a lot to do with the environment. Human beings’ hormones and nervous system are optimized to be highly motivated to seek out and eat food when it is available. That was the only way for the species to survive and thrive.

Until recently, snacking wasnt really an option. Food was relatively scarce, and often required preparation before eating. In todays environment, there are 24/7s on every street corner, vending machines in every building, and pantries that can store many years worth of food. The Holiday Season is the “normal” American food environmenton steroids.

Human brains signal us to eat, and the culture no longer says no; it is socially acceptable to eat anytime and anywhere. The combination of abundant food and no social boundaries means that many Americans are eating all the time.

Some of the most fat-resistant cultures are also the most culturally snack-resistant. The French dont even have a word for snackthey call it le snack. In fact, they have government-mandated anti-snacking culture that they resurrect when their toddlers start getting too heavy.

The data are clearwhether speaking about America, or anywhere else in the world, the single most important predictor of weight gain isnt how much human eat, but how often they eat. To avoid gaining the Holiday-10 this year, just say no” to snackingor at least save it for a very special occasion.

Dr. Theresa Nesbitt is the author of Evolutionary Eating. She is an obstetrician/gynecologist in the Chicago area and a wellness counselor. She has helped thousands of clients stop dieting, enjoy eating real foods, and reclaim their health.

Praeclarus Press is a small press specializing in womens health located in Amarillo, Texas. It features books, webinars, and other matierals that support womens health throughout the lifespan, and is owned by health psychologist, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett.

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Leading Infrastructure Firm Announces Winners of Strategic Project of the Year Award

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) November 01, 2013

The nations leading strategic infrastructure firm CG/LA Infrastructure today announced the winners of its coveted Project of the Year award as voted upon by infrastructure industry insiders.

These transformative infrastructure investments are critical to our economic security and worldwide competitiveness, CG/LA Infrastructure President and CEO Norman F. Anderson said. The Project of the Year awards honor the innovative construction initiatives and the visionaries who are leading them that will help to shape the North American economic landscape into a global powerhouse for the future.

Project of the Year awards are given in five categories covering strategy, financing, engineering, job creation and the environment. All projects have specific business opportunities to be realized in the next three to 18 months.

The winners announced at the 5th Annual North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum at the historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. are as follows:

The $ 8.2 billion East Side Access project in New York and the $ 1.5 billion Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) tied for the Strategic Project of the Year for their potential to generate a historic leap in a country or region’s productivity and/or competitiveness.

The East Side Access project will connect the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) Main and Port Washington lines in Queens to a new LIRR terminal beneath Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The new connection will increase the LIRR’s capacity into Manhattan, and dramatically shorten travel time for Long Island and eastern Queens commuters traveling to the east side of Manhattan.

LIGTT is envisioned to be transshipment and logistics hub-and-spoke system for containerized cargo. A purpose of the hub-and-spoke system is to effectively address emerging challenges resulting from fundamental changes in the international container shipping industry. The centerpiece of the system is a deep-water cargo container transfer terminal to be located on 250 acres (101.17 hectares) of state-owned property south of River Mile 0 of the Mississippi River.

The $ 1.4 billion Cotton Belt Rail Line connecting Dallas and Fort Worth is the Finance Project of the Year that establishes and/or most extends an innovative finance model, moving closer to more efficient and faster infrastructure investment.

The 62-mile commuter rail project will link the northeast Dallas suburbs to downtown Fort Worth including a stop near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and beyond into Tarrant County and ending in Plano.

The $ 5 billion New Bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Quebec is the Engineering Project of the Year that extends or demonstrates the region’s technical engineering capacity, especially including innovative design and creative problem-solving.

The Canadian government is building a new bridge corridor to replace the existing Champlain Bridge in Montreal. It will span the St. Lawrence River to connect the Island of Montreal to the South Shore. This is the busiest crossing in Canada for cars, trucks and buses, and is vital to the regional and national economies.

The $ 2 Billion Detroit River International Crossing has been named the Job/Opportunity Creation Project of the Year that will create the greatest number of jobs and/or businesses over the lifetime of the project.

The Detroit River International Crossing will be a six-lane bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit that will provide new border crossing capacity to meet the increased international trade and travel demand over the long term, while simultaneously improving the regional connectivity of people and goods.

The project will be procured as a public-private partnership and will include an 850-meter main span, customs plazas on both sides of the border, and major interchanges in Michigan.

The Rialto Water Services Infrastructure Improvement Plan is the New Infrastructure Project of the Year that makes the greatest difference in the region’s green agenda, from solar, wind and geothermal to energy efficiency and technology applications.

The city of Rialto and Rialto Water Services (RWS) are using a public-private concession model one rarely seen in the United States to strengthen the city’s financial position and improve infrastructure services. As part of that concession, RWS hired Veolia Water North America, a Veolia Water subsidiary, to manage the city’s water and wastewater systems.

The financing mode is highly original, as the city of Rialto has received $ 35 million in an upfront cash payment and secured $ 41 million in funding for future water and wastewater system improvements through a concession contract signed with RWS, a special purpose company established by Table Rock Capital and an Ullico affiliate.

Project of the Year award winners were selected among the Strategic Top 100 North American Infrastructure Projects, valued at $ 435 billion. The 5th North American Strategic Leadership Forum is designed to double the level of infrastructure investment in North America, and dramatically improve the quality and productivity of that investment.

These are examples of ambitious and forward-looking projects that will ensure North America is modernizing its infrastructure to position itself as a world-class system that is the envy of the world, said Doug Eberhard, Senior Director of Infrastructure Development for Autodesk, sponsor of the 2013 North American Project of the Year awards. They are the investments that will put hundreds of thousands of people back to work and are critical to the health and continued economic growth of this country.


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